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Step 2: Find out who's under your inner Snape.....

My favorite Leap Day book is the Towers of February by Tonka Dragt. Like many other Gen-Xers I discovered this in the 1970's and also like many other Gen-Xers some time in the 2000's I paid a fancy amount to get a new copy because it has gone out of print.

Young Tom Witt wakes up with no memory and over the course of the novel discovers that he has traveled across dimensions with his mentor, Thomas Alva. This travel is only possible on the 29th of February and the process wipes your memory clean. Can Tom get home? Does he want to get home? Did he leave home to get here? Can he and Thomas remember how it was done anyway, or will they have to wait another four years?

Can't possibly celebrate a leap day without it. It's a marvelous Young Adult Adventure. Read it if you can find a copy.

And check out this post I made about it in Feb of 2009 & let me know about your favorite YA novels.

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