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Ok -- here's something someone needs to invent and then sell me:

A webcam attached to a little erector set motor with a string on it that I can control from my iPhone, so when I'm not home, I can turn on this app and make it jiggle a little bit of string for the cats while I watch their funny faces and make goofy noises over the phone "Ooh! Jump little Roswell! Jump! You'll never catch Mr Nastystring if you don't jump!"

I spent most of the day yesterday Building Things in the driveway then in the evening Colonel & Dr. Stars came over and we did some Top Sekret Photos for the C.E. Murphy project which came out well, but as I was packing up I realized what was missing and I might have another go at it.

After that I read a Gene Wolfe novel for a while. Trillian's play was extended a week, so she's out being Montana Wildhack in front of screaming flower-throwing fans.

That's most of the news from Lake Woebegon.

Day four of Stills From a Movie That Never Existed.

Imp in the basement

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