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The Show The Show

If you got invited to the Top Sekret Party / Show tonight in Boston, I'll be talking about the Stills From a Movie That Never Existed photos from 8-9, I'll be in the downstairs gallery, stop in and say hello. If you didn't make it to the show, you can still see the photos on line and (of course) you can post in the comments section here.

In other news, trillian_stars' show, Slaughterhouse Five, ends tonight at Curio after an entirely sold-out run. I'm proud & happy and ... proud. It was a great show, a great cast, a great run. Congratulations to everyone there. I wish I could see the final performance.... And so it goes.....

Day five of Stills From a Movie That Never Existed.

This is one of my favorite shots, it's never specifically mentioned in the book, though it's alluded to -- that Eva came out of the river and -- well, I don't want to spoil the book. you should buy it and figure out for yourself where Eva came from.

Eva Emerges from Blackstone River

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