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Casting Call! Men & Women between 21 and 70.

OK. I can open the bag with the cat in it a little -- just enough to let you peer in and see that it's a cat, but not so wide as to let it out just yet.

I'm doing a Top Sekret collaboration with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer. It involves five photographs which will ultimately be part of a gallery show of a Top Sekret Nature, but it will probably come to a town near you.

I need models.

I need six models in / around / or who can get to philadelphia. The only part that's fixed is "a woman in her 20's". the other five can really be men or women. These models can be of any shape, size or color, you needn't be a size zero and you don't have to be a professional model. I need a range of ages, from 20's to 50's 60's or 70's. Each of the photos has two people in them, and it's particularly suited for couples boyfriend/girlfriend, girlfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/boyfriend, etc. (I can also promise you a nice portrait out of the deal, so if you want the coolest engagement photo of anybody on your block, this might be for you). There will be nudity in all of the photos. But I can promise it will be tastefully done.

If you're interested, email me: kyle at and let me know:

1) your location
2) your age (or as actors say, your age range)
3) you availability between now and april 1
4) send a snapshot of yourself (and if it's you and your s.o. a shot of you together is fine).

Also let me know what your favorite CD is right now that I haven't heard of. This Charlotte Sometimes disk is burning a hole in my head.

That's it.

Please share.

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