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So much that needs to be written down -- haven't even had a chance to go through the photos from the Gene Wolfe event and start writing it up. Yesterday we did the first shoot for the Top Sekret NG/AFP/me collaboration which came out looking great. I wish I'd done some behind the scenes images since this used a freakishly bizarre amount of equipment including camera remote controls and THE BOOM. Next shoot is at 11 which will be even more challenging but I think I got the hang of all the gear last night -- though I still can't figure out why some things are working or are not working the way I expected -- I've never used pocket wizards to set off a camera before, only flashes -- the jacks at the top and the three way switches actually seem to mean something which I haven't figured out yet, but the setup I have works, albeit strangely.

I'll try and post some BTS photos to Twitter today. And write up the Gene Wolfe thing -- though I don't know when. Colonel & Dr. Stars are coming over about 30 minutes after shooting's scheduled to end and we're going out to dinner w/ them & my mother and then tomorrow we're hosting an encore of Josh Hitchen's one man production of Dracula -- oh, and there's video from my talk at Franklin and Marshall College.

Life at 100 mph.....

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