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Chelsea in 3d

Yesterday I got an email from a reader that Jezebel Magazine had posted one of my photos of Chelsea Clinton. As I like Jezebel Magazine I was happy about this and I'd released the image under Creative Commons (it's now her Wikipedia photo). Then someone emailed to say they'd also seen it, but it was printed without attribution. Which made me sad. I fired off a tweet and heard back quickly from the editor of Jezebel who assured me it was an associated press photo. I checked and ... sure enough, it wasn't my photo. This one was yellower, had a shadow on her lip and the background was slightly different although it seems to have been taken at the exact same time.

Photographer Brian C. Janes made a 3D mashup of the two.

It's freaky.

Click to see slightly larger

In other news, my Minnesota roller derby kickstarter will be over in four hours.

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