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Dear Minneapolis Magic Hotel & Assistant Store......

My Kickstarter's fully funded! I'm leaving on Wednesday the 23rd (that's next week) for Minneapolis and I'm looking for two things:

1) a sofa to crash on Wednesday night

2) a voice activated light stand and driver (this is a compensated gig if you find yourself wondering "should I take off work??") - someone who can pick me up at the airport -- and be able to find various places in the twin cities, schlep lights, wrangle model releases, take some background photos & video -- must love rollergirls. Photographer preferred, but no reasonable mad-person refused (ideal candidate would be a photographer who's also on one of the derby teams and knows everybody). This is Wednesday afternoon - evening and Thursday afternoon - evening.

I could rent a car and get a hotel but what's the fun in that?

*** NOTE: couch owner & assistant do not need to be the same person ***

I'm photographing the North Star Rollergirls on Wednesday and the Minnesota Rollergirls on Thursday from there I leave into the wild lands with Moxie McCmurder and the Fabulous Lorraine and possibly Birdchick and things get hazy and wonderful from there. But it will be fun, I can promise.

In other news in case you were wondering what things are like around here....

My life: Sit outside on the porch and read a novel.
Roswell's life: Eat bugs that fly inside the lamp shade.

Either way, we both live like gods.

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