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Clark Kent Update

Clark Kent the formerly-almost-dead cat is doing well! This is from The Cat Doctor's facebook page:

Good Morning Cat Doctor:) Clark and I have great news to share!! Clark went to vet last Saturday for a re-check/progress check and he is doing great!!! The vet was so pleased and happy with his weight which is steady at 9.1 lbs, his mouth and gums are nice and the meds are doing their job:) The best is the bloodwork results...Clark's red blood cells went from 28.7 to 34 which is normal!!! The Bun went down from 76 to 60 and Creat. from 3.7 to 3.5! There is still more work on those last two, but everything is going in the right direction!! Clark started sleeping ON the bed which is major progress too:) The pictures are of Clark playing with a new toy, handmade by his Auntie Inese:) Oh...and he even runs through the rooms just like his sisters!!! Clark sends purrs and headbonks to everyone!!!
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