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I'm in Minneapolis at the business end of a successful Kickstarter - photographing rollergirls. Spent yesterday crawling around a marvelous ancient building with a bunch of women in skates and then went to the North Star Rollergirls' practice at the convention center, which looks like the inside of the spaceship in Close Encounters -- I brought a LOT of gear and even with a very capable assistant, after hauling it all around all day I feel like I've been in a clothes dryer with a pair of shoes.

Right now I'm in the spare bedroom of Emma Bull & Will Shetterly which is grand, because I've been reading Shadow Unit which is just wonderful in the way that the X-files was wonderful when it was wonderful.

I'm about to get up and do the whole thing all over again today. But I'm going to be chowing down on asprin. The Fabulous Lorraine tells me that today will end up in a hot tub, so that's the carrot.

Be well. Here's an outtake from yesterday. It's Teratoma from NSRG.

Oh, also, I've made a new derby-only blog, it's linked below if you want to follow that on tumblr. Rock on.

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