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New book

So much going on it's hard to prioritize, but I guess the big news is that Neil Freaking Gaiman and I have a new book coming out. As a reward for the new Amanda Palmer album kickstarter. The book is called "The Bed Song" and it's a fumetti about that song.

That's the good news. The bad news (for some of you) is that it's a limited edition and each copy costs $1,000.

Not kidding.

Here's the blurb, and a thumbnail of one of the images.

Extremely limited edition book written by Neil Gaiman, with lyrics by Amanda Palmer, and, most importantly, fine art photographs by Kyle Cassidy. The edition will be limited to 666 signed and numbered copies. We will make our best efforts to give out numbers in the order that the Kickstarter support is signed up for (the earlier you order, the lower your edition number). PLUS a Kickstarter-backer edition of the album on vinyl AND CD, PLUS a signed copy of the art book, PLUS a digital download & thank-you card.

Ever since I've known her, and it's been nearly a decade, Amanda Palmer has really been at the crest of the wave of whatever the record industry was turning into and kickstarting her new album without the benefit of a record company is just another dance in front of a bunch of baffled people in New York who still think things are like they were when they signed Led Zeppelin.

She's going to get far more from her listeners than she ever would have gotten from a record company and, in return, they're getting a whole lot more back. She launched the kickstarter at midnight and, last I checked, it's already half way funded. It's going to pay for the album recording, the tour, it's going to pay for me to take photos of the band. It's a good thing, and this is the way that things are going to happen for a while now anyway.

So ... I have a new book on the way. It's beautiful. It has naked people in it. And Neil Gaiman sent me a script for a comic book.

That's not all, but that's all for now.

Do something special today.

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