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How should I best spend my time tonight?

Tonight there are three things that I ought to be writing about for tomorrow's blog post. My roller derby travel diary that should go up soon, it needs to get finished and have photos attached, there's also a top sekret project that's not top sekret anymore that just isn't ... known that i should flog (and there's good news about it tonight) and there's also an inbox full of email about the Amanda Palmer kickstarter and my $1000 a copy book.

Of the three I feel most compelled to address the Kickstarter issue, but the other two need attention too. What do you want to read about?

Poll #1838088 what should i talk about tomrrow?

what should i be writing about tonight?

Writing up roller derby travel diary
Plugging my new secret project
Answering angry email about Amanda Palmer Kickstarter?

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