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Get Roswell's DNA in your house!

Here's your chance to have some of Roswell's DNA in your house (without me mailing you a hairball).

Meet Cat Murdock, the kitten without fear, who was rescued by yagathai during a terrible thunderstorm.

Cat Murdock comes from the same feral cat colony as Roswell and although Roswell's been spayed, her sires were ... prolific ... which is bad for the mouse population of West Philadelphia but good for you if you're looking for a well dressed companion who will wake you up nearly every morning for the next decade. She's spayed, FIV/FLV negative & gets along well with other cats.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!!!

Cat Murdoch is friendly & fearless and currently in Philadelphia. She'll love you and climb everything in your house. We'll probably do the adoption through City Kitties though they don't know it yet, so people who are interested can email or post in the comments.

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