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Update inre War Paint - if you can't be witty, then at least be bombastic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
kyle cassidy

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Update inre War Paint [Jun. 1st, 2012|04:39 pm]
kyle cassidy
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Heard back from my publisher that amazon's being sold out isn't unusual and that orders are placed every day. They expect amazon will be shipping again soon (much sooner than a month). They also said that for some reason Barns & Noble hasn't placed an order yet. Which might be why amazon is kicking their butts.

So, go ahead and order, it should ship soon.

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[User Picture]From: jettcat
2012-06-02 02:37 am (UTC)
All right, in the mean time I'll console myself with the copy of 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson that arrived instead today.
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