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Photographing John Carpenter

The new Top Sekrit Projekt is launched. I want to go to Los Angeles and do a portrait series of movie director John Carpenter, the man responsible for Halloween, They Live, Big Trouble in Little China, The Ward, Escape from New York, and many, many others. I could use your help with the Kickstarter:

Photographing John Carpenter

As for how this came about, there are some things that I know and some things that I'm speculating about.

A few months ago I discovered that there had been a remake/prequel of "John Carpenter's The Thing" I wasn't sure how this could have possibly happened without me knowing about it. So I raced to the local bookstore and plopped down $30 for the DVD. That night I tweeted:

.@trillianstars was woefully underwhelmed at my gift of the 2011 remake of "the thing" Feb 04, 2012

and then ... an hour later:

Oh dear. WHY DID NONE OF YOU WARN ME ABOUT THIS HIDEOUS MOVIE??? Not looking good. At all. Feb 04, 2012

and then about fifteen minutes later:
It's like a scene by scene remake with hotel clerks instead of actors and no Kurt Russell. Feb 04, 2012

and that was all we could take. We shut off the movie about 45 minutes into it, flung the DVD across the back fence into a neighbors yard and went to sleep.

I'll have to speculate now to make up the connective tissue between this known series of events and the next the following morning, but I imagine that John Carpenter and his wife Sandy were sitting on the back porch of their posh Los Angeles estate and one said to the other, "I wonder if anybody's talking about The Thing on Twitter." And they searched, and found my Tweets and then looked through others and then fell in love with Roswell and #morningCATface and then clicked on my website and looked at all the pretty pictures and I awoke to an email from Sandy King Carpenter that said "you should come to L.A. and photograph John" -- which sounded like a fantastic idea to me. I'd never seen a really great photo of him, I mean, I'd seen plenty that showed what he looked like, but nothing as awesome as it should be. And I don't mean some tacky thing in a graveyard with a fog machine and a couple of cheerleaders in torn dresses, I mean a serious portrait of the person. So we started emailing back and forth about how to make this happen.

The Kickstarter went live at noon yesterday and it's about half-way funded.

I'd love it if you could be part of this.

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