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lots of stuff....

It's been a long week with lots of things going on.

I was out at Roosevelt Skate Park, which is Philly's biggest -- it's a skater-built playground of cement in South Philadelphia under interstate 95. It was remarkable. I'd really love to spend some time there working on photos.

Giancarlo ripping it up. Clickenzee to Embiggen

Sometime last week, it might have been Wednesday, we went to New York for the first Amanda Palmer Kickstarter party and I got to see my photos for The Bed Song on the wall and it was miraculous and wonderful and it'll be it's own blog post, I'm sure.

I've been doing "research" for next month's photo shoot by watching all the John Carpenter movies I haven't seen, and then watching them again with the directors commentary on. Watched "The Ward" last night. "Village of the Damned" probably tomorrow.

This interesting news via Amazon: Customers who Bought "War Paint: Tattoo Culture and the Armed Forces" also bought: " Oxygen Absorbers for Dried Dehydrated Food and Emergency Long Term Food Storage"

Speaking of which, War Paint has been in and out of stock at Amazon daily, and sometimes multiple times a day. They get new shipments in all the time, but they're having difficulty keeping enough. Order away, or better yet, order from your local bookstores.

Y'all may know I'm working on photos for the new Kate McKinnon book. We've been going back and forth with various designs and the like. Here's one of the rejected covers:

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

... let's see ... all the spiderbabies have moved on from the knocked over Marmite jar they were living in -- one by one they started building webs further and further away from it and now, they're all off to find their fortune it seems. Good bye little bubs....

Speaking of spiders (or not at all) last week was also the international Day of Archaeology so I stopped by whafford's office to photograph him doing archaeology things which seemed exciting to me and to Brad too. He was writing catalog entries for objects about to go out on loan to other museums, most, or many of them, from the City of Ur. You can read Brad's blog posts for the DoA here.

Dr. Brad typing up some important stuff about important stuff. Clickenzee to see the whole gallery

More on stuff later. I'm back to the book-cover grind right now. Be well everyone.

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