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let me recommend "jesus christ: vampire hunter" -- we got it from netflix last week. made on a budget that the creators of "the blair witch project" couldn't film a birthday party on, this vampire musical got my toes tapping, albeit in a strange way, because the audio is out of sync the entire movie. It tells the story of Jesus, back in modern day Vancouver, well, fighting vampires with wooden stakes and holy water. He does a great job, also "converting" a gang of athiests in the way you might expect Bruce Lee to do it (also imagine that this Kung Fu battle was coreographed by my mom and acted out by pretty much random people off the streets -- no valuable cash was wasted on SAG here!) There are plenty of goff chyx in PVC pants and a motorcycle jump at the end. Christy, i should note, hated it and wouldn't stay for the exciting end. The head vampire hottie (played by the unforgettable Murielle Varhelyi) we learn in the special features, moved to Philadelphia after the movie finished filming. Keep your eyeballs peeled at Shampoo.....

you can also check out Sweet Hell, Vampire Hunter:

oh yeah, the movie also has a character named Johnny Golgotha.

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