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READERCON - why you need to come to Boston

So ... I've been sitting on this for far too long and it's finally public.

I will be doing the absolute coolest thing at this year's Readercon the 12th - 15th of July just North of Boston.

So ginormous in scale, this event will take place over four days. It's called A Story From Scratch and it involves me and Michael Freaking Swanwick and Elizabeth Freaking Bear, creating a story on the fly using members of the audience, photographing it, in the style of Leaving Dakota, over two days, on the third day Lee Freaking Moyer will make cover art for it and on the fourth day, we'll perform the final work in a slide show.

The great thing is that, right now, NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE STORY IS GOING TO BE OR BE ABOUT. There are secret props being contributed by guest celebrities which will be unwrapped during the sessions and Michael and Elizabeth will use these, plus members of the audience to generate a story. One of them is going to start and the other is going to finish.

You can be in this, you can be one of the characters. To enhance your chances of being picked for a part, it's highly recommended that you dress in a way not consistent with being at a science fiction convention. Jacket and tie preferred to Firefly t-shirts.

This is how it's described in the program:
A Story from Scratch, Part I. Elizabeth Bear, Kyle Cassidy, Lee Moyer, Michael Swanwick. Zombies? Aliens? Insect invasion? Vampire detectives? Who knows! Be part of the story created on the spot by Hugo-winning writers Michael Swanwick and Elizabeth Bear and brought to life by photographer Kyle Cassidy and illustrator Lee Moyer. On Friday and Saturday, using models from the audience and props provided by celebrity guests, Michael and Elizabeth will create a
narrative that will be photographed by Kyle and have a cover created by Lee. On Sunday the story will be read aloud as the cover and illustrations are displayed, and an electronic version of the final work will be made available for download. You can participate in any or all of the sessions. Business casual attire recommended.

Part 1 is Friday Night at 6:00
Part 2 is Saturday Morning at 11:00
Part 3 is Saturday Afternoon at 3:00
Part 4 is Sunday at Noon

I'm super excited about this. I hope to see you there!

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