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Photographs tell stories, which is why you'll occasionally hear someone say that one is worth a thousand words. They can tell precise stories "I was with this person in this place", "here is how the toaster looked before I took it apart to try and fix it", they can tell vague stories, atmospheric or stories about shape and color.

I like photos that tell half stories, leaving the other half to the viewer.

At Quicksilver this weekend there were models constantly wandering around, dipping into stashes of things lying about the place, swords, helmets, fancy dresses. Liz, our hula hoop model, had so much fun Saturday evening she stayed over and was modeling on Sunday. I found her in an inexplicable set of wings passing through the basement and Vicki in this top hat (her outfit was entirely her own) and I thought this looks like fodder for a book cover -- "Let's go shoot a book cover," I said and some people cheered and I wandered out into the forrest with the models and when I got there, everybody who'd been cheering had been distracted by something else (there was a fire breather and two guys doing stage combat) and I was alone in the woods with two models. I figured I should take a few photos since I'd dragged the models out there.

I set up one light behind them, told myself that a steampunk elf was traveling with her half-dragon sidekick and that the dragon was looking up in the trees for something to kill, because, dragons are like falcons and if you're a rich steampunk elf, you take your half-dragon out into the woods and hunt .... I dunno, eagles or bison or trolls or something .... and we set up the cover for a book that no one's written and I took about 10 photos and then we wandered back into the house where someone in a gladiator's helmet was having his portrait taken in an elaborate setup of studio lights and the day went on.

Now someone go write a novel.

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