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Can't undo it now

The wheels that somehow got set in motion are grinding grain. Or some less snooty analogy. Long but productive flight yesterday. I re-read a lot of Yseabeau Wilce's wonderful book Flora Segunda and spent three hours in the airport in Phoenix having lunch with Facebook peeps, then off to LA where I picked up my rental car and headed over to Sandy & John Carpenters where I met their assistant, Sean, who's been doing this for 18 years and impressed me the way only people who've been doing that for so long possibly can, by being so stunningly well organized. He had parking passes, spare keys, a plate of grapes, all set up for me.

Brian C. Janes showed up a few minutes later, he'd graciously volunteered to be my assistant, though he's really too good do be called an assistant. (He has a fancy new book out about burlesque dancers) and finally John and Sandy arrived.

I'm always a little apprehensive about these things. There's always the distinct possibility that the person you're working with doesn't have the time to devote to what you want to accomplish and there's also the distinct possibility that they're busy thinking about other things and consider you an impediment to their day. I'm pleased to report (though it may dampen his ability to terrorize actors in the future) that John Carpenter, despite having plotted the death of every child in America and having Hal Holbrook killed with a meat hook, is an extraordinarily nice man. His wife & partner Sandy is ebullient and professional and wonderful. We all sat in John's office for a while and talked about movies and our parents and our hometowns.

Then I went and shot some photos of John in his office for Where I Write and we got down to the business of doing portraits.

We shot around the house for a while and I said "Do you want to go over to the Halloween house and do a couple of shots there?" "No," he said, because, I think, he want's people to suspect he's a curmudgeon, but he smiled and said "let's go!" because, I suspect he's spent his whole life getting things done and he knows how things get done.

I talked with Sandy a bit about what it must be like to be a producer with a set full of people who are getting paid every second and one person is terribly ill but they have to go on anyway because the Things Need To Get Done and it seems like a grueling life, but you get to make beautiful things and look back at them when they're done.

We went to the house from Halloween, where Laurie Strode has her final battle with Michael Myers and stood out front and Brian and I set up some lights and I was clicking away when a Hollywood Tours bus pulled up out front and the tourists all gasped and raised their cameras and clickity-clickety shutters went like mad and John started doing a little dance and waving his arms for them because he's not only That Kind of Guy, but also because he's the kind of guy who will do something he doesn't have to do in order to make your life a little better.

Brian C. Janes' photo of me and JC in front of the Halloween house.
You may clickenzee to embiggen

John is @TheHorrorMaster on twitter, Sandy is @stormkingskc & Brian is @briancjanes if you want to follow along with the rest of the adventure. Sandy's pretty much tweeting as we go.

Thanks to all the Kickstarter people who made this happen.

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