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I love all the people live-tweeting Olympics scoring like they're the only news source behind enemy lines.

"Fatima scores one point, upstaging Ilga Nunez slightly #WomensSynchronizedSandwichMaking"

"Ilga comes back with a rapid blow. Score now 1-1 #WomensSynchronizedSandwichMaking"

"Great move by Fatima. Still one all. #WomensSynchronizedSandwichMaking"

"Nunez, showing great poise in the blue rayon prom gown; a credit to her country of Tunesia. #WomensSynchronizedSandwichMaking"

Also, I have accidentally seen 1.5 minutes of women's fencing. I hope the Olympics isn't one of those "Day of the Triffids" things where I'll now go blind with the rest of you.

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