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Here's what happens if you hang around at Fortress Hennepin long enough ....

Daphne went to see Trillian's new play, The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later and stuck around after the show, she had two hours to kill before dinner so she came back to our place and I had lights set up because I thought novelist Jeanine Cummins was coming over so I could do her headshot (she wasn't). So Daphne and I decided to go to the thrift store and see if there was anything cool there.

And we found this dress for $1.95. And we took some photos while Trillian did research on Ada Lovelace for a play. Then Daphne went to lunch and trillian_stars and I watched a movie that scared the chrome off of us and went to bed. That's kind of how things go around here.

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