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Amanda Palmer is in Philly, September 10th. At the TLA. See you there.

Amanda is in Philly on the 10th. It's the first show of the tour. You can BUY TICKETS HERE. Please share with your Philly friends. There are still tickets left.

This one has been a long time coming. In terms of records planned and records made and records labored over and ... probably more importantly ... in the paradigm shift created by it.

In June of 2011 I went to Hoboken and did the first portrait of the band ever. We had a photo shoot on stage during the concert, it took 30 seconds. I'm very happy with the photo we got, but I didn't know what was starting then.

You may clickenzee to embiggen

From there, things got bigger -- the Kickstarter, the album, the book, the books, the media attention.....

Theatre is Evil (links to pre-order page) is a unique album for many reasons -- it was done without a record company, it crowd-sourced its major funding, it did things no one had done before ... but the thing that I find most beautiful and remarkable about it is how we've all been along for the ride -- we, you, me, everyone, got to watch as Trout Heart Replica was written we followed along as the album was recorded, we watched our kickstarter investments mingle with others and grow and produce, we went to parties, we met Amanda ... we were the record company -- we got to make decisions,we even changed the spelling of the album title.

Usually musicians make albums and they touch you. And you go to the show and you listen to the music and you leave. I'm excited by this concert because I can look back at how I touched it, my fingerprint is on there, my name, on the page of a phone book, and 24,882 others of you.

This one doesn't get any bigger.

If you weren't at the countdown party, you watched from home -- maybe you saw your name pop up. On the ground, it was magic.

Amanda at the Kickstarter countdown party in NY.
You may clickenzee to embiggen

We watched as the Kickstarter went bigger and bigger and it happened for the same reason that Peter Pan could make Wendy and the Darling family fly ... we believed and we had a little pixie dust.

A few months ago I went to New York and did a whole series of real photo shoots with the Grand Theft Orchestra -- a luxury that Kickstarter afforded us. We did pretty pretty things.

Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra in a New York shop that re-sells old movie props.
You may clickenzee to embiggen

And now it's here ... I'm so happy that Amanda chose my home city, Philadelphia, to kick off her tour with the Grand Theft Orchestra.

This is something that we all did, together, we can truly say we built this. I'm going to be at this show celebrating what I am, one little cog in a fantastic music machine, I'm going to suck up every note in that theater because I earned it. And you did too.

I really hope to see you there, because it's a party for all of us.

Once again, you can BUY TICKETS HERE.

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