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Picnics, storms, etc. etc.

Today trillian_stars and I went to the annual summer picnic thrown by my publisher, Schiffer Books. It's a lovely affair with almost a complete absence of vegetarian food in the middle of Pennsylvania, but you get to meander through the gigantic warehouse of books, pretending you're not looking for yours but getting very excited when you find boxes of them. on shelves, waiting to be sent away to bookstores and people's coffee tables. Schiffer publishes such a wide variety of books it's always interesting. (My favorite discovery today? The very esoteric Visor Hats of the United States Army 1930-1950. The idea that someone, somewhere, squeals with glee over that fills me with an inexplicable joy.)

We also met Don Featherstone and his wife Nancy -- Don designed the original Pink Plastic Flamingo. I'm serious. As a former collector of PPF's I wanted to get a photo of us with him but, alas, we drifted apart, perhaps next year.

It's always wonderful to see the authors who show up and talk to the editors about what they're working on. It's a glorious and invigorating experience and I'm already looking forward to next year's. One thing I like about Schiffer is ... the feeling that you're part of a family. (I once had a book published by McMillan, one of the behemoths and I felt like nobody knew who I was when I called.

Anyway. Trillian had a vintage 1940's dress she wanted a photo of so just as the rain started, we slipped from the warehouse, through the sculpture garden and into the fields and snapped a couple of photos with my Panasonic GF1 and a flash on a cord held off camera left. The cows looked at us, chewing slowly.

I came home feeling very grateful for where I am in life, the people who surround me and the things we do.

I hope your day is going well.

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