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Stealing a Minute With The Grand Theft Orchestra

Last night Amanda Palmer launched her new album and tour in Philadelphia at the Theater of the Living Arts.

Amanda's played the TLA seven times and I've seen her there seven times. I think we'd met about a year before the first time she played there. Anyway, the third time she played there some magazine wanted a picture and timebusybusywhatnot it got down to the last few minutes before the show I told Amanda I'd set up some lights in the alley behind the theater and she should just come down when she had a chance. She came down eventually, stepped out into the alley and on stage I heard someone introduce her (well, both of them, it was the Dresden Dolls) and she ran in. I'd taken six photos in, probably 30 seconds, and one of them came out great and it got published and after that, it sort of became a superstition. I'd take a photo whenever she came through town, the photo shoot would always be in the alley, and it would always be less than 90 seconds (usually less than 30) and from there she'd run back through the door and straight onto the stage.

This is last night's photo.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

You can see (and get copies of) them all here.

Behind The Scenes Time Lapse Video of the shoot here:

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