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The Pie Fight

A few months ago I was sitting out on my back porch reading a book and intermittently checking Twitter when I noticed NY Times best selling writer, John Scalzi, (author of, among many other things the very popular novel Redshirts), say something like "If I reach 30,000 Twitter followers, I shall post a photograph of myself covered in buttercream frosting." And of course I chimed in "I shall take the photo." Eventually Neil Gaiman got involved and, I think @NickSagan might have suggested that the frosting be applied by roller derby girls, or that might have been me, or Fablor. I don't remember.

To make a long story short. I eventually decided to do an homage to The Invisible Man because, you know, it's Science Fiction! We met up in Neil's front lawn early in August and hilarity ensued.

There are posters of this available which you should buy because it's awesome and cool and the money is divided between the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund for science fiction writers and, my own favorite, City Kitties.

"Even the moon is frightened of me! Frightened to death!"
Clickenzee to get yourself a poster for $10!

You can order one here on neverwear.

You can watch the Making Of video here (it's awesome):

**EDIT** John blogs about the event here.

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