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Behind the Scenes Theater Photography

I did some production photos for the new Curio production of The Runner Stumbles which is about a priest and a nun and some shenanigans. We had a church to shoot in, but none of the actual sets -- but there was plenty. In order to get production photos far enough out in advance to actually be useful you usually have to do them long before sets or costumes are complete and -- hey, I like a challenge anyway.

Here's a "behind the scenes" of my setup by stage manager Beth Johnson. It's a single (warning: photogeekery) small Photek Softlighter II.

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And the final shot where you can see the shenanigans. The Softlighter throws down some mad dramatic shadows with not a lot of fill. I wanted something that was like I CAN SEE YOU FROM UP HERE.

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Another BTS of my shot with Paul Khun as the ineffectual lawyer.

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Not sure which of these I prefer. One is a single light in the Photek Softlighter and the other has a second bare bulb aimed at Paul's briefcase from behind the door.

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Another early BTS so you can see the placement of the second light. In the final photo I fired this light through the bottom of a milk crate as a gobo which gives the texture against the wall. The main light was the Softlighter II off to the left.

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More shenanigans. At this point the sets aren't built and the costumes aren't finalized which ends up giving me a lot more opportunities. I'm trying to get the feel of the play rather than the most accurate depiction of how it's going to look on stage.

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More goodies coming soon, including some excellent news about Trillian Stars' new play, "Childe Byron."

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