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Last few days ...

Wednesday, I think I did three portraits on Wednesday. It's a bit of a blur. I got the new copy of Videomaker in the mail with my article in it. If you haven't checked out the website for that magazine in a while you ought to. There's a ton of cool stuff in there. I think I've been writing for them for ten years now. Maybe more.

Thursday night -- at least I think it was Thursday -- I went and photographed a rehearsal at the Republican Theater Festival which went really well. I was really impressed at Cara Blouin's directing and it was wonderful to watch her stop the action and then grill one of the actors about their character -- why did they wear their belt that way? Why were they carrying this object? What (this was my favorite) is your character's relationship to that book you're holding? -- she made them think and she made them find who they were so that every action came with purpose -- the actors knew why every move was done, why every bit of blocking happened. "Why are you standing there?" she'd ask -- not to jump on someone, but really, to find out why go to this part of the stage? why that one? did they want to engage? to demure? to hide?

Trillian's in a play called Battle Hymn which I think is going to be marvelous.

Then, let's see, on Friday I judged the Philadelphia Photographic Society's annual photography show, 127 pieces each ranked in five categories -- it took a loooooooong time but I was really happy they invited me. The show was a the Plastic Club in center city on three floors of the gallery. It's a wonderful space. I gave a lecture there a couple of years ago about Armed America.

Saturday I went to see trillian_stars's play, Alp d'Huez again; I've been going on about that play a lot and it really is that good. Saturday Brian Siano and I set up four cameras to try and capture some of the play. It turned out to be a good night.

This morning we met up briefly with Ryan Walter who's in Trillian's next play (next, that is, after Battle Hymn) "The Real Inspector Hound" -- he's very excited about it and I'm looking forward to it. It's a Tom Stoppard farce.

This afternoon I gave a lecture at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia about War Paint which was at the exact same time as the closing of Trillian's play -- such is that life, you each miss a good portion of what the other is doing. It had been a while since I'd read my own book and I got a little embarrassingly choked up talking about Reta Rae learning that her son had been critically injured by an I.E.D. in Iraq. I made a passable recovery and went on.

After my lecture I went to the Philadelphia Photographic Society's opening at the Plastic Club to see the winners and fellow judge J.J. Tiziou who has photographed the second largest mural in America which is plastered across half of the Philadelphia Airport.

After my lecture and her performance I met Trillian and her parents, Colonel & Dr. Stars at some place called the Black Sheep Pub and we celebrated all the things and had a wonderful time. Trillian's off now with some TV news crew who's doing a story about the theater festival.

I sat on the bed for a while and read Emily Dickenson poems to Roswell who stood there staring at me, not like I was insane, but as thought I might say "diabetes" at any moment. It was relaxing for me, possibly not for her. After I finish this I'm going to make a pot of Honeybush tea and work on adapting a Top Sekret novel into a Top Sekret play.

Be well everybody.

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