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New, news, news.

In photo news, depending upon what a famous magazine you all know and read says in the next day or so you may or may not see photos from my shoot with Steven Severin in the next week or so. Those of you who are making noises like an over-boiling kettle are my coolest friends.

In project news, it's looking like I will be doing the chip-in thing where we buy starter gym memberships for people -- I'm thinking we could also do DVD's for people who wanted to exercise at home. This is all pending a volunteer to manage the project. It'll be mostly clerical, keeping track of names and places and how much money we have and the like.

In my own news ... I ran today -- three miles. Which is the most I've ever run in my life. I feel like someone shot me in both legs, but I am alive. When I got home I waddled up the stairs like a penguin. I'm glad you didn't see it. I ran three miles in 47 minutes with an average speed of 4 miles / hour. I now know how far I can go before the zombies get me. In some weirdness, the treadmill says I burned about 1/3 the calories I usually do in the same time on the bike. One must be over or under estimating. The bike's probably overestimating which makes me a bit sad. But, blah blah blah, I'm working out.

Sooooon this gym posting will end and we'll get back to whatever we were talking about before. So far I've lost six followers since I started posting about fitness, I find myself wondering just what it was that made them bail now. If you've about had enough of this & are about to hang up the phone on this blog, let me know why before you do, I'm just curious.

Anyway -- do something splendid. I was planning on cleaning the bedroom, but my legs don't work anymore. So I'm going to sit on the sofa and brush cats until the gangrene sets in.

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