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Last night I dreamt I was in the desert. It was night out and there was a bright moon. I was in the back yard of a small ranch house with nothing around for miles. There was a great sense of wide open space, it felt very real. About a quarter of a mile away and to one side was an enormous canyon, wide and deep. I was surprised at how bright out it was, and how colorful, many shades of deep blue and light browns and white puffy clouds. I took a photo with my phone. It was very quiet out -- silent. I thought of hiking down towards the bottom of the canyon but decided it would be too dangerous. I went inside, I knew that trillian_stars was there somewhere. It there was a small kitchen with windows on both sides, dark but lit by the moon. I knew that the house had belonged to my grandmother, I stood looking out the window thinking that I missed her.

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