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Sometimes the only way to slow down is to speed up first.

Sometimes the only way to slow down is to speed up.

I ran a 5k again on Monday and a third one today. My average speed Monday was 4.75 mph and today it was 5 mph.

It looks like today is finally the day I will get to sit in front of the fireplace and read comic books, because I'm too sore to do much of anything else.

I didn't feel properly winded after the 5k so I topped it off with 30 minutes on the bike. I've been playing the running conservatively because I've no idea how much I can do. It seems that at 5 mph I can keep running for a long time but holy mackerel, running is boring. It's painful enough to keep you from really concentrating on an audio book, and my beloved Magnum p.i., adventure show that it was, seems to creep along while I'm running. I need something that's kind of nonstop action -- like Rammstein running a tank through the Louvre, that might hold my attention.

Last night trillian_stars and I had Thanksgiving with the family we've chosen -- the nice people at Locust Moon had a dinner for their diaspora of strays and runaways and geeks and nerds and we actually sat down at a long table like the pilgrims do in those woodcuts and we watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and then Planes, Trains & Automobiles which apart from an unfortunate soundtrack, remains one of the most perfect films ever made. I was glad to share that time with such good people. I ate mashed potatoes. And chutney. It was terrific.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

There's good news on the gym-membership front, that's ready to go. I'm debating on whether to make an announcement tomorrow or not. I figure people might be caught up in the holidays, but it seems symbolically significant to start on the day when culture tells us we have to eat until we're uncomfortable. That's not right dudes. And we're going to do something about it.

Anyway, I'm off to read comic books with Roswell in front of the fireplace.

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