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Operation Our Gym Share is LIVE!

***EDIT*** If you're just coming to this, here's some back story

Operation Our Gym Share provides starter gym memberships, workout DVD's or related fitness materials for people who want to start a fitness regime but for whatever reason have run into financial obstacles which are holding them back. Gym's aren't cheap. It's meant to be that little helping hand that some people need to get started. I know I sat around for months thinking that I needed to start. The program is being administered by anmorata who has graciously volunteered her time & deserves our love & praise.

There are a number of ways you can participate:

1) If you want to donate money -- you can paypal to

2) If you want to post a healthy recipe or workout tips, we have a tumblr (we also have a twitter: You can also email your recipe, workout tip, or motivational story and we'll post it. (

3) If you need a gym membership, workout DVD, or something related, email with a paragraph or two describing your fitness goal and what you need to get started. Let us know the name of your gym, its web page and if there's a special program you want to try. Also, if it's something else you need, a pedometer, a pair of shoes, if there's not a gym near you and you'd like to get a stationary bike let us know and we'll try and accomodate. We'll want you to keep a daily fitness journal and email/post weekly updates on your progress, which serves two things, one as a motivator to you to keep at it, and two, so that people donating can follow along on your progress and get that happy feeling. You'll be committing to visiting the gym three days a week for the duration of your membership. Throughout this you'll remain anonymous unless you'd like to name yourself because it seems a bit creepy otherwise, this isn't a reality show, we just want to help you get fit -- we'll post your stories to the tumblr page without identifying information.

This has the potential to be ongoing -- if the money keeps coming in and people keep doing well, I can certainly see this still going on a year from now, and imagine all the success stories we'll have by then.

You can donate money via paypal to

Thanks everybody, you're good people and you make my world brighter every day.

Send money if you can and if you need a gym membership, please contact us asap and we'll get this ball rolling.

Be well.


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