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The big Roswell post

I often think there's too much Roswell content on this blog but I was horrified to discover yesterday on Facebook that many people didn't know that there are Roswell t-shirts and mugs made by MC Matz as part of one of the Roswell fanfic contests.

So I'm wondering if it's time to make more/new/other Roswell t-shirts. So I'm putting up a poll to gauge the interest.

Here's my thought, fill out the poll and let us know if you'd be interested in a Roswell t-shirt. And, if you're a company or person that makes t-shirts leave your name an info in the comments section. We'll figure out how to do this so that one of you can make the shirts & keep all the profits. I'll offer whatever may be necessary for designs, high-res photos or whatnot. But also, if you're an artist who'd be willing to draw a Roswell (and get paid for it) also let us know in the comments. We'll gauge interest and put this kitty to a vote and figure out what design on what shirt.

Poll #1883565 Roswell t-shirt

I would buy a Roswell t-shirt

in the $10-15 price range
in the $10-20 price range
in the $20-30 price range
with a photograph on it
with a drawing on it
if it was #morningCATface
I wouldn't buy a shirt, but I feel an overwhelming urge to check one of these boxes

Somewhat related: Roswell fan art

I also have a backlog of Roswell fan art I should be posting. Like this one of her as Teddy Roosevelt that showed up in the mailbox last month with no name on it.

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