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A reader writes.....

A reader writes:

Hi Kyle! any fountain pen recommendations for a neophyte? linkage to previous LJ posts would be welcome too. Thank you!

Of course. There are lots of inexpensive fountain pens, a lot of them write like crap, there are lots of expensive ones that write like crap too.

There are two schools of thought here -- one is to just buy something new and well respected like a Lamy Safari which every fountain pen snob on Earth will not so much admit as rather gleefully tell you is a nice pen. Or you can find yourself a vintage pen that's been restored, or restore it yourself. You really can't go wrong with an Esterbrook -- it probably represents the very pinnacle of fountain pen technology. Esterbrook made millions of pens that were made to be writers -- today fancy companies like Montblanc make $5,000 pens that are meant to sit in a box and accrue value (to some extent, they also make pens they expect people to write with, but nobody writes a novel with a Montblanc, but lots of people wrote them with Esterbrooks) (Que someone emailing me to point out that they wrote their novel with a Montblanc -- find me five friends who did and we'll talk.) Mostly todays expensive fountain pens are used to sign contracts and jot down quick notes like "Ms. Bagpipe, do not ever transfer another call from that bozo."

I'd say get yourself a restored, vintage pen on ebay for $20 and enjoy the ink stains on your fingers. And go to your local fountain pen show when it rolls through town.

And here are some blog posts:

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I gave away most of my pens because I only use about four of them, photos of my favorite four pens and lots of writing about them, this, I must say, is a pretty good post about pens.

There's only one tiny shot of a pen in this post but it includes photos of Roswell.

Part something-or-other of the story of my Esterbook which does include pretty pixtures.

And some talking about journals.

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