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more macbeth

I want to catch up on a backlog of some photo stuff which has been sitting here waiting to post and then round up last week in Chicago.

First a proof-of-concept for Macbeth which could conceivably turn into a kickstarter for the most badass scottish play you've ever seen. Ryan's one of our absolute favorite actors, most recently Birdboot in the Real Inspector Hound. It'll probably turn into a short video first.

We did two sets of makeup, there was pretty Macbeth lording about the castle and there was just-returned from fighting Macdonwald who's a bit sooty with black under his nails, but not over the top. Liz' makeup was subtle & wonderful.

Makeup by Elizabeth Terenchin

JR Blackwell was the voice activated light stand & reflector holder.

Me, Trillian Stars, Ryan Walter and J.R. Blackwell

Clickenzee to release witches

Clickenzee to embiggen

I used a single speed light in a small gridded softbox to control the light spill. You can see how the mood changes as the light is moved from above to one side. The light from above also has a silver reflector off to camera left to fill in Ryan's face a little, otherwise it's completely shadowed.

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