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Quick! Before I go to bed.

I'm going to give a little more effort to writing things down before they get lost. Not just for you, but because this has really become my diary for the last decade and this is what I'll come back to years from now to figure out what I was doing at any particular time. This is you reading over my shoulder....

I can't remember exactly when I met Ego Likeness but they had like 20 people in the band at the time. Over the years it paired down into an industrial machine built around Steve Archer & Donna Lynch (you can, I'm sure, figure more out from their Wikipedia page if you're interested) and they've always been one of my favorite bands and eventually, as I got better at what I did, I did a number of album covers for them AND a most excellent music video for their song Treacherous Things. We were really excited to hear they were going to be playing Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia this week.

You might not think it, but we don't get out much these days. If it's not something that we're doing for some project or other, we're usually not doing it. I forgot how much fun it is though to have all your clothes out in a pile on the foor trying to figure out what to wear to something that you're just going to for fun.

Getting ready to go.

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Ultimately Trillian's outfit was 1/2 Kambriel and 1/2 thrift store score..

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It wasn't hard to find Ego Likeness when we got to the venue, they were hanging out on the floor talking to fans & taking photos with people and absolutely not acting like rock stars. As I'm writing this I realize that I DO know when I first me them. Years ago I was working with Nicki Jaine's band in some vague, nebulous capacity and we opened for Ego Likeness in ... some place like New York or Connecticut and we rolled in, four hours before the show or whatever & dragged our gear inside and Steve came bouncing over like some joyful pogo stick and said "Hi! I'm Steve from Ego Likeness, let me help you carry your gear and I'll show you how to set it up -- we've played here before and this sound system can be a little hinkey." And I liked them immediately. They could have just sat in the dressing room downing the rock star beer and let us fend for ourselves, but they didn't.

Anyway, years later ... Rodney Anonymous from the Dead Milkmen and Donna. Rodney's a great supporter of music. He's always out at shows and he's always plugging things on his radio show ("Rodney Anonymous Tells You How To Live") and whatnot various social media and he's been playing Ego Likeness a lot lately.

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You (and by "you" I mean "me") have all these glorified ideas of what "back stage" is like and they're never really right -- back stage is usually the crappiest, most miserable place in the venue with lots of boxes and smelly showers and bad lighting and the cool thing about it, unless you're Jennifer Lopez and have some nutty tour rider about how the whole place needs to be pipe & draped, isn't the space, because the space is terrible, it's the people who are there. A lot of times it's the only time people have to actually have conversations.

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And when the rock stars go off to the stage, Trillian gets to goof off in Donna's mirror.

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Ego Likeness on Stage, we were in the second row.

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It was a great show. It was great to see them. Dracula's Ball is always awesome. Patrick really knows how to put on a show. We left without saying goodbye to Steve & Donna so, if you're working in the Ego Likeness marketing department and this pops up in a Google Alert, please tell them we said "goodbye, we love you, xoxo".

After it Trillian tried for about 20 minutes to hail a cab. Eventually we called and Uber which is currently the coolest way to get around in town.

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