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This is not a fitness blog

I'm prepping for the Broad Street run, which is a ten mile run through the streets of Philadelphia in May. It's a big deal to me, though I've learned that if you're not a runner, it's not a big deal to anyone else, which I'm fine with. I'm ramping up for it and trying not to re-injure myself. Tonight I ran 7.5 miles along the shuylkill river which was remarkable and wonderful and I wanted to share it.

Almost immediately upon hitting the trail, I was passed by a woman pushing a baby stroller. She didn't actually just pass me, she passed me like a freaking bullet. I've learned that I'm not the fastest runner, and my sister who's a real runner tells me that I'll never be fast, and that's fine, that I can just keep going. And that's fine too. As someone who was denied running for basically my whole life due to Not Being Fit Enough to Run, the reward is just to run.

Clickenzee to see my humiliation even larger!

As the sun went down the river glowed blue from the sky above. This is boathouse Row from the Gazebo at the Waterworks. About half the time I run out here there's a wedding photographer and a bride out here -- which makes sense, it's one of the most spectacular views in the city. I had it all to myself tonight.

Clickenzee to see ze pretty lights prettier!

In November, when I was still gasping through workouts my gym-buddy (which I guess is sort of like an AA buddy, who keeps you from skipping the gym) suggested that we ride bikes along the trail. That sounded like a good idea. He said "Just say when you think you've gone half-way" -- pick the point where you're half way to not being able to finish and get home. I remember very well the point at which riding the bike was tedious enough that I said "this is it, we turn around here." And the fact that tonight I ran, on my feet, past that point was a big deal. I as I ran past, some rowers came down the river.

Clickenzee to see ze skullerz!

Seeing that I was in the area (having complained about being passed by a woman pushing a stroller) Twitter demanded that I run up the steps of the Art Museum (a la Rocky) so I hit the steps hard just as some tourist with an annoying beard was running up while his girlfriend videotaped it. He passed me on the last few steps and when we got to the top he turned and said "I beat you!" and did a little Rocky dance. My brain wanted to say "Only if you started seven miles from here," but I settled for passively aggressively Tweeting it instead. Plus, any yahoo can run up the Art Museum steps. You know what's a lot more impressive? running down them.

Clickenzee to see ze pretty lights prettier!

I was using the Zombie's Run app for my iPhone, which was great. It's a story you listen to about a zombie infestation and periodically even though you have a spotter in a tower trying to direct you away from the shambling hoards, occasionally they'll pop out of the trees and you hear your tracker start pinging and you start running faster and you can hear the zombies getting louder and louder behind you and it's freaking scary and you sprint even six miles into it, you sprint, because you can just about feel their claws at your back. It was good.

Anyway. I still owe a Chicago recap, and I'll get to that. In the meantime, things are going well here. I hope things are good for you as well. There'll be an "Our Gym Share" update soon I think.

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