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Demotivator Contest!!!!!!

A few weeks ago I went to Chicago to photograph Peter Sagal for the back of his new book jacket about running. You probably know Peter as the host of NPR's Wait wait ... don't tell me!, the oddly informative news quiz, but Peter is also a writer for Runners World magazine and has run a bazillion marathons. (Do check out the Chicago Tribune's behind the scenes photos of Wait wait.)

We put one of the photos for the book jacket shoot in the Wikimedia Commons under a Share & Share Alike license because that's the kind of guys we are. Which means that it's been showing up as clip art in all sorts of articles about running.

To celebrate the ever-oddening of the types of stories it's getting used for, we're announcing a demotivational poster contest. If you don't know what a demoitvator is click here for some examples.

Contest rules:

1) Using Peter's photo, made a demotivator.
2) Post it here, tumblr or on Twitter.
3) Let us know where it is (@PeterSagal & @KyleCassidy or use the hashtag #PeterRuns)
4) Winners get an autographed print and, more likely than not, some Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! swag cluttering Peter's garage.
5) There's no maximum number of winners.
6) Posters will be judged solely upon the fortunes of our whims.
7) Contest ends when it looks like it's run its course or we get bored with it.
8) None of the prizes will likely be Carl Kasell's voice on your home answering machine, but shoot for the moon anyway. Stranger things have happened.

Clickenzee to get yourself a high-res version of this image!


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