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The Hummingbeasts of Arizona

Long, long day, from Philadelphia to Arizona which seems insignificant if you think that people walked it in the past, with a couple of oxen, hoping that their map was accurate and they'd find spring water 140 miles away.....

Anyway -- the marvelous Kate McKinnon picked me up and I wanted to get started trying to photograph hummingbirds right away since the real reason I'm here is to photograph her next jewelry book and I wanted to get the hummingbird thing out of the way, or at least tested.

Last time I was in Arizona I had a go at photographing them and ... well, freezing their wings is elusive. Even at an 8000th of a second, which is my highest shutter speed, they still blurred. I'd been thinking for the past few months that it would be easy to freeze their wings with a 1/50,000th second burst from a flash, but how could you do that with a flash sync speed of 1/250 ... (camera nerd camera nerd camera nerd) ... and then I thought of a way it could work.

So that's what I tried, and with good results.

You can check out the results below & to celebrate, you can buy tiny square prints of tiny birds for tiny prices and hand them in the tiny spaces of your home. The prints are 5x5. Or you can just look at them. (And you can right-click & save them and use them for wallpaper or whatever.)

Clickenzee to buy tiny prints of tiny hummingbeasts at tiny prices!

The vicious little brutes are fierce and I spent most of the afternoon being bossed around by them. They contemptuously ignored the studio I'd set up and spent the bulk of their time in my face trying to start a fight. Peace prevaled in the end though and I got some very nice photos.

Estrella-Mar just got here from Rhode Island and we're both a bit loopy from the tired. Big day tomorrow in the desert with models and whatnots. So I'll leave you with the birds.

(p.s. thanks to everyone who's participated in the Peter Sagal demotivator contest. It's been fun to see them popping up on the Twitters.)

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