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Top Sekret No Longer! The Tempest

For the past however many years I've been doing the live photos for Shakespeare in Clark Park because park-Shakespeare-picnic fun and it's always been a great gig. This year I did the poster for this summer's production of The Tempest. I much prefer doing the big thematic lobby poster type stuff to live photography and I'm really glad I was able to have a crack at this one.

The Tempest has a wizard, a monster, a spirit, a princess, a shipwreck, and Robby the Robot -- what's not to love. That's Catharine Slusar as Prospero and Hannah Gold as Miranda.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Here's me photographing it:

Clickenzee for Behind The Scenes Action

This was a relatively straightforward shot, main light into an umbrella, 45 degrees to camera left, camera 180 degrees from the sun, rim light 45 degrees behind the subjects, also camera left. If I'd had more off camera assistants I would have put a huge amount of wind in it as well as maybe some smoke but we did pretty good for 7 am in a muddy mostly dried up pond.

Unused more fotoshopped version of the poster here.

I hope to see some of you at the play. I'll be sitting up in the very front row with a gorgeous picnic basket and a very enormous lens.

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