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Catastrophe Keeps Us Together

A year ago I saw Josh Hitchens one man play "Guilty but Insane" when it was being workshopped. It was an extraordinarily powerful play -- just a monologue by serial killer Jeffery Dahmer explaining, pretty matter of factly what his life was like. I was really impressed by the complete transformation Josh made during the play, he looked completely different even though his entire costume was a hairstyle and a pair of glasses -- his whole manner changed. It was pretty easily the creepiest play I've ever seen. One person fled the theater about an hour into it. Anyway, I knew it was something that I was interested in working on and that I thought I'd be able to do justice to.

So this year it's part of the SoLo festival in Philadelphia and I got my chance to work on the promo poster.

It's playing Monday and Tuesday of next week. Here's the Facebook invite. It's a remarkable play. You ought to see it.

Click to enlarge

Behind the scenes video with Camera Geekery:

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