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I totally let the dogs out

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Occasionally when I'd run in the cemetery I'll see people running with their dogs and the dogs always look happy -- flopping and prancing with their tongues wagging in that sort of "OMG! I'M DOING THINGS!" way that only a dog can. Sometimes when I'd see the dogs I'd smile at how happy they were, but other times I'd think of this dog that lives behind us and is often chained up in a vacant lot. He barks at the cats and he digs holes and he makes noises like he wants attention and I think "he's such a big dog, he would probably really like to be running in the cemetery like those other dogs that have people that run with them." And I thought it would be nice to start a group of people who found people who couldn't run with their dogs because the were old or hurt or they just never thought to run with their dogs and then I could have a dog to make flappy-happy like the giddy dogs in the cemetery, but it wouldn't be a dog that I had to worry about during the night or the day or the rest of the time when we weren't out running. I thought it might be the sort of thing that made a lot of creatures happy -- and some of those creatures would be me.

You can click to see this fellow larger

and I kicked this idea around for a while, but I'm inherently lazy and I didn't do anything about it other than think of it again whenever I saw a dog either running or not running. But then our friend Jackie mentioned that the Greys Ferry animal shelter had a program where you could take a homeless dog running and I thought that sounded like a very wonderful thing to do.

This is how we met the Monster Milers. They operate at all the PAWS animal shelters in the city and after going to an orientation class, you can show up and take a lonely dog out and make it a happy dog which is what we've been doing lately. Most of the dogs spend 22 hours a day in their kennel's and when you walk up to the door the dogs freak out, they're so excited to see a person. I've done some things in my life that made people happy, sometimes very happy, but I think I've never before been responsible for as much joy .

If you're in Philly you can find out about the Monster Milers by clicking here. If you're not in Philly, maybe you can start your own.

Clickenzee to Embiggen June Bee the happy dog

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