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At the Gallery

There comes a time in every couple's relationship where they say "I think it's time we had our portrait painted." The rational behind this is often "there should be at least one image of us not chugging beer through a vuvuzela during a soccer riot." For this we commissioned Liz Afif because she understands us.

trillian_stars wanted a portrait that was like Anne Boleyn's and I figured if she was going to look like Anne Boelyn, I wanted to be an astronaut.

So we went out to the Afif gallery yesterday for some photos & preliminary sketches. It'll probably take a few weeks, but we're excited. And I will, I understand, be an astronaut in it.

Trillian wore the top half of the gown she wore in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (she played Queen Gertrude, among others (you can see her being fitted for the costume here.) Normally it's got a skirt and a train but for some reason she was wearing shorts instead. Maybe so it wouldn't bundle up when she sat down. Anyway. She looked like Queen Gertrude Superhero.

Queen Gertrude, Superhero.
You may clickenzee to embiggen teh asskicking.

We sat for some sketches and Liz took a bunch of photos. And one of the highlights of the day was meeting artists Marion and Sal De Quinzio who were super cool. We ended up talking about movies and art for a long time and we left feeling like we'd made terrific new friends.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

We'd previously seen both Sal and Marion's work in shows and it was great to find out that they were awesome nice people too. I have a paranoia about meeting people whose art I admire for fear they're disappointing. I remember reading an interview with Ozzy Osbourne once where he said he was once invited to a party at John Lennon's house but he declined at the last minute, out of fear that he'd discover one of his idol's was a jerk.

Anyway, we left feeling like people must feel leaving Gertrude Stein's living room. (There it is, two Gertrudes in one day.) After the gallery we went home and jumped into the pool where Trillian read more from the Fellowship of the Ring which we're enjoying very much. (If you're friends with Trillian on Facebook she posted a photo called Sunset Blvd, West Philly that you should see.)

I've started work on a new Top Sekrit Projekt which is vast in its scope and beauty and will unfold probably over the next six months. It's going slowly but it's going well. Also working on the North Dakota Man Camp Project which is coming together slowly, its ever evolving but we've got some great work done and there will be some results you can look at in the next couple of months. There are interviews that need transcribing before things start happening -- that's kind of where we are on that. If anybody's interested in transcribing interviews w/ oil workers in exchange for prints, drop me a line. We have someone working on it but, as they say, many hands make light the work.

Hope your day is swell.

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