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Small gods, big talent

So, freaking Lee Moyer was staying at our place last week with his s.o. Venetia. If you follow science fiction & fantasy at all you know Lee's work as the cover artist for countless novels, or maybe you know him for his literary pinup calendar -- or maybe you know him as the lead designer for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition. In any event, I'm not sure exactly how we met Lee, though it was probably via LiveJournal (to this day I don't think I've made a single friend via facebook, though we've made legions of good ones via LJ).

Lee is criss-crossing the country being Guest of Honor at various conventions and managed to fit us in at the tail end. Lee's one of those people who's not content if he's not doing ten things.

He'd just been at a Terry Prachett Discworld convention where he was guest of honor and talking about a project he's working on called Small Gods -- which are a Discworld thing -- there are various small gods that perform small duties, and Lee is drawing one of these a day for a year. While he was here he made three, one of trillian_stars, one of Roswell, and one of some statuary we have lying about the house.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

I believe these will be available for purchase on his website in some manner, so if you need to build a shrine to the small god of Cats on the Internet, you'll be able to.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Not content with drawing up a storm while he was here, Lee also built us a bookshelf. Being a book-shelf-space-conscious stort and noticing that we had stacks of books piled everywhere (as you do) Lee said one morning "I notice that there's a recessed space in your bathroom I could easily build a bookshelf into. Do you have any power tools? And -- of course I did, so he and Venetia hied off to the lumbar yard and came back with wood and spent the morning hammering and sawing and now there's an annex to our library with 26 shelf feet in the hot-tub room.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

So there you go. There are many benefits to having talented friends.

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