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This is not a fitness blog

A few somewhat remarkable things have happened in the past few days, they're small things when compared to the whole, but if you take them out of context and compare them to where I'd be otherwise, I think they're worth mentioning.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

One is that last Wednesday I went out with the West Philly Runners and they'd left before I got there, I mostly knew what their route was so I plotted one of my own hoping to catch them on the way back and finish up the group run with everybody else. They're almost all faster than me, so I usually only see the bottoms of their shoes anyway, but I figured if they'd just run six miles and I was on my first I might be able to keep up. Who knows. But anyway, I started off after them, went a mile and a half and got a text that they were at a bar in the other direction, so I turned around. When I finally caught up with them, I discovered that I'd broken my 5k Personal Record, which I'd been doing every couple of weeks anyway, but notably this time a) I wasn't trying and b) I was running on the road with traffic lights and stop signs and other things. Also, the last few times I'd broken my PR it had been on a treadmill, so I wasn't sure if they counted.

Lately all my 5k runs have been part of much longer runs too, so today I figured I'd get up at 5:00 and find a patch of flat, uninterrupted ground, go all out for 3 miles and try and shave a minute off last wednesday's record.

I started out faster than I probably should have and spent the final mile picking out places that I could safely stop and barf if necessary which my track-star nephew tells me is simply the sweet taste of knowing that you're doing your best.

And ultimately, I didn't knock a minute off my 5k time, I knocked like four minutes off my 5k time. SMASH. And I now feel like I have a respectable 5k time to start working with. Though I'm running up the hill of aging, I assume it's probably possible for me to knock another five minutes off my 5k time over the next year before those numbers, inevitably, start going up again.

In other news, comic book artist MC Matz who made those super cool steampunk Roswell t-shirts started a project to do a tarot card deck of images of Amanda Palmer and asked me to do the Queen of Pentacles. Started a Kickstarter last week that I didn't even get a chance to blog about before it got fully funded, but you can still get a deck of cards and begin scrying into the future. All the cards I've seen look fantastic.

This came from an outtake of a shoot for a dress made by Heartless Revival at Amanda's house in Boston. I was happy to be able to do that an happy to be able to contribute to MC's deck.

Clickenzee to go to the Kickstarter!

That's about all the news from lake Woebegone.

Have a swell day.

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