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Models & Photographers! Harrisburg PA Photo Workshop - Saturday September 21st - Union of the Snake

Models & Photographers! Harrisburg PA Photo Workshop - Saturday September 21st - Union of the Snake

Have you ever wanted a python hat? or have you ever wanted to figure out how to photograph someone who has a python sitting on their head? Well, after the success of our recent snake-related photos shoot Eleanor Justice and I are collaborating to make this a possibility with a one day photo workshop near Harrisburg Pennsylvania on Saturday the 21st of September. The snakes are coming back along with their wranglers, and I'm bringing a crate of lighting equipment out into the woods.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

We have slots for PHOTOGRAPHERS and we have slots for people who want to be PHOTOGRAPHED. Do you have to be photographed with a python wrapped around you? Absolutely not. The workshop takes place on a beautiful farm with woods, fields and more than one pond. There are plenty of opportunities for great portraits that don't involve snakes.

Photo by Eleanor Justice - Clickenzee to embiggen!

So do you have a Rennfaire costume you want pictures of? Do you and your significant other have no great photos of yourselves? Do you need a graduation photo?

Well, if you're willing to be be part of a freewheeling classroom environment and let ten photographers have a go while we learn this is your chance.

Photo by Eleanor Justice - Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Photographers! Do you have a camera you're trying to figure out how to use? Have you hit a rut in your photography? Would you like to learn how to use off-camera lighting? Then this is for you.

This isn't the sort of photography workshop where you watch me set up lights and take photos. It's the sort of workshop where you and I work together to set up lights, figure out the proper exposure and then I watch you take pictures while sipping fruit smoothies. You go home with a batch of kick ass photos and some new skills that will let you keep on going.

Photo by Eleanor Justice - Clickenzee to embiggen!

Workshop is limited to 10 photographers and 10 subjects (if it sells out really fast, we'll add a second day Sunday). Price is $80 per person. Pot-luck lunch (now's the time to get out your grandmother's pecan pie recipe). If you're traveling and want to arrive the night before there are camping arrangements on the farm. WHAT?! I CAN CAMP OUT ON THE FARM?! Yes you can.

We also have two free spots available for people who are interested in helping out by people wrangling / organizing. Inquire if that's you.

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