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The Dead Chipmunk Invitational Half Marathon

I'm training for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon on September 15th in Philadelphia and to do that I've been running a half marathon every week for the past month or so. This week's happened to be in Wisconsin along a really beautiful bike/running trail with trillian_stars and my sister, Heather, who's a real runner and has been since track in high school.

While I ran, Trillian rode behind me like Burgess Meredith shouting "You're a champion, Rocky! You got the Eye of the Tiger!"

The Eye of the Tiger. You may clickenzee to embiggen!

occasionally she'd speed up and ride past me so that she could hi-5 me when I ran by. I'd gotten it in my head that, slow as I am, I might be able to do the Rock and Roll half in under two hours but my hopes were shattered when this one took me 2:17. It would be pretty impressive for me to cut nearly 20 minutes out of my time in the next week and a half.

You may clickenzee to embiggen!
P.S. Look at those freaking leg muscles!

All of which matters naught. I've got goals but if I miss them, it's ok. The biggest goal is just "get better consistently" and if that's slowly, so be it. I saw someone on Twitter post a quote that said something like "a year ago, you'll wish you'd started today" -- which is wise. If I can chisel off a little here a little there and I keep at it, I'll be happy. Finishing a half Marathon once seemed unlikely and now I'm doing it every weekend which seems baffling, but I'm not going to complain about it.

The Wisconsin run went great. I saw a dead snake, two dead chipmunks (plus a lot of live ones) a dead dragon fly, and a whole bunch of dead cicadas.

Who could not love this?

The run was off-the-rails beautiful, with many bridge crossings and few people, straight, level dirt roads with some gradual hills so that you don't get too pampered and friendly people who waved when they passed, which was occasional.

I plunged through some 10:14 miles and then went to watch my nephews blow through a bunch of 5:20 miles at their track meet. They resisted all temptation to make fun of my time and were very supportive ... which I guess is the thing boiling all this water -- ever since I've started this everybody's gotten right behind me and cheered. I'm fortunate. It's not everybody who's got a partner who will ride behind them and cheer like the crowd at Madison Square Garden. I'm so glad I have this one.

Mile 13. You may clickenzee to Embiggen

Oh, this showed up in the mailbox today:

Thanks Internet-person Mitch.
In all actuality this looks more like the severed leg half marathon than the bloody toe half marathon of two weeks ago. But I'm grateful all the same.

(If you're not following on twitter then you missed the Bloody Toe Half Marathon mostly because I figure if you're following someone on Twitter you're fair game to hear about their toes in a way that you probably wouldn't put up with on a blog.) My toe started bleeding from, I suspect, rubbing up against the other one. There's a not terribly graphic photo of it here if you're into that sort of thing. Either way, I appreciate the medal.

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