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It's the little things

On an Amtrak racing from somewhere to somewhere right now (this is life at 100mph) and noticing they have really fancy napkins with the Amtrak logo on them. This is the sort of thing that my dad would bring home for me when I was a kid and he went somewhere.

I remember once when I was probably in first grade, he and my mom went out to dinner and a movie, my sister and I had a babysitter. Our babysitter's name was Tim and he was awesome. He had curly hair and he was in high school. He'd already seen the movie my parents had gone out to see and he told us the whole story, in great detail, making a paper boat, and showing us, as we stared goggle eyed how a giant wave hits the ship, and it rolls upside down -- trapping the survivors who must then climb down to the bottom of the ship, which is really up -- through upside down rooms, up upside down staircases, past upside down dead people and right side up fire to try and escape.

It hadn't dawned on me yet that movies got shown over and over. We couldn't fathom how Tim knew all this stuff, but it was a great story it mesmerized us.

I remember my dad waking me up when they got home. He'd had some sort of club sandwich at dinner and he saved the little plastic swords that held the bread together and he gave them to me. It was probably ten o'clock at night but it felt like it was the middle of a new world. I'd never seen anything as wonderful as those tiny plastic swords. Or really as wonderful as a guy who'd think to save them for a six year old.

I prefer being an adult, but that night I remember as being something like magic.

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