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so ...

Christy's out of town in san diego for a week ... which gives us an insight into the mind of a man alone in the house....

1) leave work an hour late.
2) go home, make dinner
3) realize that i can't eat dinner without watching a movie
4) start to watch "total recall"
5) 5 minutes into it, realize that "the village" has come
out on DVD and i must see it before someone accidentaly
tells me the secret ending (rosebud was the name of his sled)
6) decide to start the dish washer while going out to rent "the village"
7) discover i'm out of dishwashing detergent
8) put dinner in fridge
9) go four blocks in the direction _away_ from the video store to buy detergent.
no detergent there.
10) head towards video store. all 900 copies of "the village" have been
rented, likely by people who can't wait to tell me the secret ending.
11) go ten blocks in another direction and BUY a copy of "the village" for $25
12) while heading home discover that the streets are blocked off because
13) kevin bacon and Jay-Z are having a party at the Annenberg Center. mobs swarm
streets. many streach limo's made out of hum-v's and SUV's parked helter skelter.
14) decide that rather than brave the mob, i might as well go back to work which
is close by.
15) sit in my office for an hour checking e-mail.
16) check outside, Jay-Z is gone.
17) start heading home only to discover that Jay-Z and Kevin Bacon have merely
moved their party about six blocks west to the Bridge movie theater.
18) realize i need dish washing detergent anyway.
19) take long detour and buy laundry detergent
20) get home.
21) take dinner out of the fridge, heat it up.
22) watch "the village"
23) discover secret ending. (i won't say "i figured it out 20 minutes into it!" because
there really is no "figuring it out" -- there are no clues, (not like in
"the sixth sense" where you could have figured it out) but it was in the
list of possible senerio's i had in my head. -- so if anybody tells you "i figured
it out!" they really mean "one of my suspicisions was true."
24) realize it's 1:00 a.m and the alarm clock is going off in five hours.
25) go to bed, cats hunker down to keep me from moving much
26) have repeated dreams about clever serial killers
27) wake up at 5:45, realize house needs cleaning.
28) start rearranging bookshelves and cleaning off surfaces like a madman.
29) make tea while cats watch.
30) clean litter box while cats watch.
31) clean bathroom.
32) realize i'm almost late for work
33) off to work.
34) rinse
35) lather
36) repeat

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