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So much stuff going on....

So, I'm in New Mexico staying at George R. R. Martin's for a couple days working on a Top Sekrit Projekt but also just hanging out with Anna Fischer, the famous cosplay photographer who's out here working on the Wild Places, so the place is filled with women in armor and crowns and steampunk guns and characters I don't know.

We went to dinner last night and had some great conversations and then went to see The Good, The Bad and the Weird at George's Cocteau Theater. The movie was pretty good, Korean Wild West pastiche, but I was jet lagged and groggy.

At dinner last with
yagathai and GRRM. (That's Megan Marie on the end.)
Photo by Anna_Photo. Clickenzee to Embiggen

Spent part of yesterday with the Disco Brawlers roller derby team doing some photos of them. Today my schedule gets busy with Top Sekrit Projekts but at the moment I'm lying a corner and the cosplayers are in the other room going over the photos they shot this morning.

The big news is that opened Macbeth last night at Hedgerow which I want desperately to get home and see. I hope you get to see it this weekend.

I'm off to find my toothbrush.

Have a swell day. If you're on the twitters Anna's hash tag is #TheWildPlaces and I'm updating too. Oh, and I started Instagramming.

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