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Macbeth, GRRM, A Doll's House, and Me, Kyle

Since you couldn't come to the play, we want to bring the play to you.

I want to talk about Macbeth and I want to talk about George R. R. Martin, but trillian_stars' successes are eclipsing her successes, or at least trodding on the toes of the one that came before. So right now I need to talk about A Doll's House and our Kickstarter for it. We're so tantalizingly close to our $5,000 goal with just five days to go. It's an opportunity for you to see this play without leaving your house and for half the cost of a ticket at the door. Backer rewards start at $5 and $15 gets you a DVD. Of course, everything's cheaper in bulk so the more copies we can order at once, the more things we're going to be able to send people and the better everything is going to look.

And pre-ordering a DVD isn't the only thing you can do to help out -- you can share this post, you can share the Kickstarter with people you think may be interested -- your old high school drama teacher, your favorite director, the actor in your family.....

Clickenzee to become a part of this

you can also see some of the video here and listen to Brian Siano talk about the behind the scenes work going on to make this happen.

When next we meet, Macbeth, GRRM, and those other things I need to talk about.

Thanks so much folks --

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